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License Searches In XML

Our licenses database is mainly used to verify if an individual has a specific professional license or other specific license assigned to them.

DEA License Registration search is a nationwide databases that contains individuals registered to handle controlled substances and chemicals used in producing some over-the-counter drugs. The DEA Registration database allows users to search for doctors or other individuals that are licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency to either dispense, distribute or manufacture controlled substances. This can be searched by doctor's name, business name, DEA number or location.

FAA Airmen and Pilots consists of those licenses by the Federal Aviation Administration to be pilots, ground crew, mechanic and other licensed functions related to the aviation industry.

Federal Firearm Licenses includes individuals and businesses licenses by the federal government to handle explosives and legally sell firearms.

FCC Search includes all those individuals that are licensed by the FCC to operate a Ham Radio. Searchable by call sign or individual's name.