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People Finder XML

You can search by name, name and date of birth with city and state being optional. Many search combinations are available for complete coverage and searching ability. Over 1 billion records!

The People Finder XML data streams are currently set to deliver data in one of two fashions: Straight results or Teaser preliminary results that will display the full results of the search depending what is passed back. The straight results are generally used for web sites that have an internal member area where a teaser response is not necessary. The teaser method is very common with consumer-oriented sites where their "initial search is free" type scenario allowing the consumer to pick the individual they are searching for. We do allow our People Finder feeds to be resold to consumers via "People Finder" or other public record web sites since no Social Security Numbers are included in the responses or as a search criteria.

Our People Finder XML search can be submitted a few different ways. Either by name only and name and city and/or state. Either submission can include, or not include, a date of birth. Search responses are capped at 200 results. Typical data returned in a response are: full name, age, address, city, state, zip, date of birth, telephone, county and residential occupancy validation date. However, depending on the source file, DOB and telephone may not always be available.