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SSN People Finder in XML

You can search by social security number, name, name and date of birth with optional city and state. Many search combinations are available for complete coverage and searching ability.

The SSN People Finder is very similar to our standard People Finder counterpart, however this database is searchable by social security number and will also return a SSN. This search is a low-cost alternative to the SSN Trace product we offer and is useful for those wanting to implement a SSN-based people finder to their site. .

Our People Finder search can be submitted a few different ways. Either by SSN, name only and name and city and/or state. Submission can include, or not include, a date of birth. Typical data returned in a response are: full name, age, address, city, state, zip, date of birth, telephone, county and residential occupancy validation date. However, depending on the source file, DOB and telephone may not always be available.