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ProScreen Plus Background Reports in XML

Searched by Social Security Number, a favorite report of employee and tenant screeners.

Our ProScreen Plus report is quickly becoming a standard in employee screening and tenant screening. This search is a variation of the SSN Trace search which enables you to obtain identifying information for social security numbers. Trace reveals name, date of birth, other names and DOB's associated with the SSN, addresses, counties lived in, SSN's validity and deceased check. Our ProScreen Plus product also runs through a proprietary Source 2 address history database to give you even more coverage, essentially combining two trace searches into one.

The ProScreen Plus report doesn't stop there. Next, the search subject is run for criminal, sex offender and Terrorist records by the primary name returned from the SSN Trace. Then any and all alias names and other names associated with the SSN are also run for criminal records, sex offender and Terrorist records regardless of how many variations there are.

The final part of the search runs the primary name associated with the SSN against our Medicare Sanctions/OIG database. This multifaceted search is quickly becoming a favorite of our clients.